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School of the Prophetic Block I

The School of the Prophetic Block I is a compilation of courses that focuses on laying a strong foundation in the prophetic. This course helps identify prophetic principles, protocols and preparation required to flow freely and in proper order.



  • Students will develop an inner confidence toward the Bible and hearing the word of God.

  • Student will develop the patterns of doing Bible study in daily life, plus in ministry situations (teaching, etc.) Students will activate the  gift of prophecy within them and gain confidence in sharing the Word of the Lord.

  • Students will learn proper protocols an guidelines in releasing the prophetic.

  • Students will learn solid, biblical, practical guidelines for developing the prophetic ministry within the Church, in both the gifts and the office.

  • Students will develop a reverence for the place and value of the prophetic word and will gain confidence in releasing the prophetic flow.

  • Students will learn to respond appropriately to the prophetic word of God and experience being a vessel for the prophetic be able to respond in a positive way to growing from the “pits” to the 10 M’s

  • Students will learn how to be intimate with the Holy Spirit and listen to his voice.

  • Students will learn to respond to the Holy Spirit’s prompting in their journaling.

Virtual Class Times 

2nd Fridays Quarterly -September, December, March and June at 7pm until 11 pm EST

2nd and 4th Saturdays Monthly from 11 am - 2 pm EST


Prophetic Activation Lab

***This is an experiential course that is an extremely important part of learning the Prophetic. The student will not only learn about prophecy but will learn to receive and give forth prophecy in a non-threatening atmosphere. Each student will learn to step into the flow of this spiritual gift. They will gain a better understanding of the nature of prophecy, the various modes of receiving and giving the prophetic word.


2nd Tuesday Monthly 7 pm to 9 pm EST





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* You can receive a full refund prior to the start of class. NO refund after class has started. The amount will be a credited to the class again or another class of your choosing.

Virtual            $350

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