August 20, 2021 

Deck Party

September 10, 2021

Prophetic Awakening

VCMI & KAN LeaderShift Advnace


Kenya Prophetic Conference

Gathering of the 12

refreshed. refocused. realigned.

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2021 Gathering of the 12 was a weekend of intimacy, worship and fellowship. Friday night we enjoyed the sweet presence of the Holy Spirit as we learned how to meditate and sit quietly in His presence and focus on Him. We learned the importance of self-care through stillness. Matthew 22:39 says,..."Love your neighbor as yourself". In this season, as women, we are being intentional about getting refreshed, refocused and realigned so we can love from a full cup, rather than an empty one. 

"Self- love is a practice."

- Kamal Ravikant

Fantabulous Pearls Coach, Chanise Gilliam, taught us Saturday about the importance of decluttering our minds, calendars, environments, etc. The clutter in the physical is often reflective of what's going on the inside and Coach Chanise encouraged us to acknowledge our clutter and be present. The clutter is delayed decision or interruption in decision making. We do not have to live in "FOG" (fear, obligation and guilt).  

Saturday night ended night with worship and prophetic ministry from Apostle Valarie where the Holy Spirit completely invaded the atmosphere. Motives were shifted, direction was given and purpose was revealed. 

Gathering of the 12 concluded with worship and communion on Sunday morning. We all left refreshed, refocused and realign.