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Minister Lisa Medland

Lisa Marie Medland has lived in the Kalamazoo/Battle Creek area her entire life, and currently serves as the Speaking Coordinator for VCMI. She also holds two other positions: Dietary Service Specialist at Borgess Medical Center and Assistant Manager at Catherines.

In 2014, Lisa embarked on a spiritual journey after attending The Empowerment Center and accepting Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior later that year. Since then, her passion for the Lord and her unwavering desire to know His heart has been the driving force in her life. Although Lisa has faced challenges on her spiritual journey, she has found solace in Jesus Christ, and is now eager to share her personal testimony with anyone who will listen.

Under the guidance of Apostle Valarie Cunningham, Lisa is excited to continue growing in faith and knowledge as she seeks to find her place in the Body of Christ and fulfill her purpose in the Kingdom.

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